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Marketing your Real Estate Business

As a real estate related professional, it's clear that your target market could vary.  You play many roles in your community and juggle between networking with business owners you might affiliate with and also with your clients. 

Target your Market with Box Marketing Solutions

  • Social Media to share your personal content and tips and also other relevant content to past, future and current home buyers/sellers.
  • Email campaigns to remain in contact with past customers (stay in top frame of mind).
  • Interactive intro videos  and Graphics using software like: Prezi or an infographic made with Piktochart.   These vides can be used as part of your "sales" tools. 
  • Pay per click ads will help get leads via Google and social.
  • If you're website lives on your brokers website, consider a landing page where a blog can live as well.  This will give you more control of organic SEO and analytic insight. 
  • Use Re-Marketing pixels in your ads and connect them to your website or lead page.
  • Engage with prospects by doing Live video during an open house or new listing.
  • Know what your goals are and have a campaign focus for that.  Are you trying to reach sellers? buyers? builders?  Each campaign is NOT an "all in one."  
  • Know what's driving traffic and which platforms are bringing in the most leads.
  • Build relationships with fellow business' like mortgage lenders and banks.  Aim to be their "go to" for real estate, and return the favor to them.