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Grow your practice. Ensure you are HIPPA compliant and relate to your patients.

Social Media or any kind of digital marketing can be a little scary for any medical related office.  Luckily, we know the "do's" and "don'ts." Adopt a marketing solution from Box Marketing and get your practice in front of your next patients.

Target your Market with Box Marketing Solutions

  • Use social media to share health tips, blog posts, fun graphics and engaging posts (see below). 
  • Engage with clients on social.  Ask questions, answer questions and relate with them. Example: You are an OB practice;  A fun post would be: "What do you crave when you're pregnant?"  The more people engage, the more you will reach (organically).  
  • Blog about services you offer, highlight team members or share tips that are related to your medical industry.
  • Have Online booking  be an option.  Even if you can't confirm clients online, this feature is key.  This tool could serve as a lead capture.  Prospective new patients request their appointment online, then your staff reaches out to complete scheduling.  
  • Email campaigns to remain in contact with past and present prospects
  • Pay per click ads will help get leads via Google and social.
  • Know how your website compares to your competitors and keep up!
  • Use Re-Marketing pixels in your ads and connect them to your website or lead page.  A re-marketing pixel will allow your practice to remain in the top frame of mind for up to 30 days post their visit to your site or action on your Facebook page/ad. 
  • Know what's driving traffic and which platforms are bringing in the most leads.
  • Ensure your campaigns meet all regulations.  HIPPA has policies in place for how any type of medical practice should engage on social/digital. 

And we're just getting started!