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Be known for the Details, that go

beyond your Everyday Work.

You may feel confident about your work, as you should.  A good builder or architect has to dot all of their i's and cross all of their t's.  Maybe you're a small business, maybe you're a large brand.  Regardless of where you're at, marketing is always necessary.  

Target your Market with Box Marketing Solutions

  • Social Media to share your tips on home designs, home trends and new homes in the making or recently completed!  Take the credit and tag any affiliates that helped with the project as well!
  • Engage with clients on social.  Ask questions, answer questions and relate with them.
  • Use Houzz and Pinterest in an effort to dominate!
  • Have lead captures in place that could include a Free Consultation or or online e-book.
  • Email campaigns to remain in contact with past customers (stay in top frame of mind).
  • Interactive intro videos  and Graphics using software like: Prezi or an infographic made with Piktochart.   These vides can be used as part of your "sales" tools. 
  • Pay per click ads will help get leads via Google and social.
  • Know how your website compares to your competitors and keep up!
  • Use Re-Marketing pixels in your ads and connect them to your website or lead page.
  • Know what's driving traffic and which platforms are bringing in the most leads.
  • Tailor your campaigns to be targeted to your market, from their style, their age to their income, budget and lifestyle. 
  • Consider Inbound marketing and personalize the journey your customers experience, even before they have made contact with you.  It's like magic!