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Glad to Meet You!

Ashleigh Peregoy
Marketing Magician

A Virginia native, Ashleigh was born in Charlottesville, Va, but spent most of her childhood in several cities along the east coast (a result of being in a military family).  While she never thought she would run her own marketing business, it was in 2015 when she took the leap and made it happen.  Throughout her 20's, Ashleigh worked in different industries and after working for a publication and a local tv network, her expertise only expanded. It became apparent to her that options for agencies that do what "The Box" does is far and few between.  It thrills her to offer marketing services, expertise, creativity and skill to the clients she works with.  Her passion is your brand!

Lisa Schuetz
Marketing Maven

Lisa spent her youth in the Virginia Beach area while her dad was stationed there (like Ashleigh, she too comes from a military family).  She attended JMU with a major in Marketing and brings 14 years of experience with her to The Box.  Clients appreciate her communication, creativity, and drive.  To date, Lisa resides the in the Charlottesville, VA area and has had the privilege of working with a client base that's both local and national.  She has a true passion for marketing and an objective to remain informed about the constant changes that the digital world faces.  She's a social media guru and awesome at writing blogs and creating graphics!

Hannah Day
Content Queen
Digital Dog

Our newest member, Hannah, grew up on the west coast, primarily in California and then spent 4 years in Arizona until she moved to Charlottesville on a whim last summer. She graduated from Grand Canyon University in 2017 with her degree in Marketing and Digital Design. Hannah loves to focus on design and content; helping clients create an engaging and impactful digital landscape. She’s a catalyst for creative ideas. She is social media savvy and strives to help brands find their voice. In her free time, she loves to explore the great outdoors, hang with her puppy Harley, and cook delicious food.

"Diesel" is the top dog of the office.  His favorite hobby is eating and would be a great influencer to a restaurant, although, he does have some diet restrictions.  In his free time, he enjoys naps (on his back).  Should your brand need a "snoring" sound effect, he's an excellent source!  His favorite past time is playing, but not too much.  Too much running and his dog gets a little worn out.  He plays well with any creature and when you show him a bone, he'll do tricks like, "shake," "sit," and ride a skateboard!  See more of him on our social media sites.